I give up

Sorry, God – I could only keep up my Lenten goal of being fancy for about a week before I abandoned it. I have decided to replace it with a more practical plan: to drive my car (specifically to work) as infrequently as possible.

Can’t wait to get more use out of this guy.

Have you seen gas prices lately? Holy crap. They’re on their way to rivaling those from summer 2008, when paying under $4 a gallon seemed like a steal. And I only live a mile away from work, so I have no reason to drive. And walking or biking is good for the environment and my health, blah blah blah.

Honestly, I’m just trying to save some money here. My marathon training is picking up, so I don’t need the extra two miles of fitness every day. And I’ve been a bit late to work on run mornings because it’s hard to run, eat, shower, get ready, and walk 20 minutes, all before 9 a.m. (I’ll be using my bike again once temperatures are above freezing.) I don’t need to worry about being fancy, too.

It’s hard to walk or bike in fancy clothes, especially in the cold weather. And even if I were driving, tights are uncomfortable. They cut into my gut and they’re itchy.

“Your car seats are making me itchy, man. What are these made out of, cactus?”

Jeggings to work every day, please.


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