Good thing I use Twitter

I can hardly believe my luck.

This morning, at 9:58, I saw a tweet from Stereogum that said 1,500 more tickets to the final LCD Soundsystem show would be released on Ticketmaster at 10 a.m. I decided to give it a shot, but I was not optimistic. My friends and I tried to buy tickets during the pre-sale and the actual sale. We ended up with three together (a small miracle) in the nosebleed section and three others scattered throughout the top tiers of Madison Square Garden. It was a mess, for everyone.

On my third try this morning, Ticketmaster found me two floor section tickets. Two. On the floor. (Which really means, in the insane dance-party pit. Watch the video below – taken at my last LCD Soundsystem show – to fully comprehend the degree of insanity.)

My heart started racing. My hands started shaking. I could not believe my eyes. I struggled to type in my new credit card information as the countdown-to-losing-your-tickets clock ticked away. I was waiting for my browser to freeze or the connection to time out or some other obstacle to come between me and my dream tickets.

But nothing happened, and I will have two floor tickets waiting for me (and Carly!) at Will Call on Saturday.

Last Monday, a parking ticket. Today, a pair of best-possible-location LCD Soundsystem tickets. Mondays: You have redeemed yourself, and then some.


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