Saint Douglas Day lessons

Well, Bruce never showed last night. Bummer! I guess you need to give a musical superstar more than two days notice if you want him to come to your party. (Contacting him some way other than MySpace message probably would have helped too.)

Other things I learned on Saint Douglas Day:

Saint Douglas really exists…sort of. Paul had the same photo in a bunch of frames around the house, including one on top of the toilet. If you asked him who it was, he would say, “Saint Douglas, of course.” And then you’d say, “No really, who is that guy?” And he’d say, “Saint Douglas!” I Googled images of “douglas” when I got home to discover that Saint Douglas is actually Douglas Laycock, professor at the University of Texas. I’m guessing he was chosen as Saint Douglas because he takes a killer staff photo.

Saint Douglas sees all. (Because one of his photos is stationed in the bathroom.)

Everyone loves cookies covered in cookies. My Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies were a huge hit. The recipe ended up making 22, and my tray was empty within an hour or two of the party starting. I will have to make these again – possibly two batches next time.

Not to be mixed with the taco dip in the background.

Everyone will dance to La Bouche’s “Be My Lover.” No one can resist those ’90s techno beats. I put this song on the mix I brought, and the dance floor filled up immediately. It was definitely the non-Bruce musical highlight of the party.

Even Saint Douglas got in on the dance party.

Sadly, I did not learn how to Dougie on Saint Douglas Day. No one in attendance knew how, but everyone wanted to know. I will make sure to learn before next year’s celebration, and more importantly, I will do everything in my power to track down a contact number for Bruce. Something tells me he doesn’t check his MySpace account very frequently.


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6 Responses to Saint Douglas Day lessons

  1. I made the Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies this weekend, too! Thanks for the tip! They were monstrous and very tasty. Maybe it was the two sticks of butter. Next time I might try to find mini Oreos and make mini versions.

    • mgloftus says:

      Yes, they were huge. I only ate half of one, though I probably could have managed a whole one if I hadn’t snacked on cookie dough and leftover Oreos while they were baking. 🙂

      I also recommend these mini-pumpkin-pie-stuffed cupcakes:
      Haven’t attempted them myself, but my mom made them last Thanksgiving, and they were amazing.

  2. Dana B says:

    Funny story- I was searching for more info on St. Douglas (mostly because someone else prompted me to, partly from my own curiosity) and found your blog!

    Great to meet you at the bash. I’m sad I didn’t get to try the cookie sensations, ah well. 🙂

    • mgloftus says:

      Ha! Glad to hear that I am one of the leading sources for Saint Douglas information on the internet. It was nice meeting you too!

  3. Alexis says:

    BE MY LOVER, WANNA BE MY LOVER? La da da de da daaaa da da.

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