40 Days of Fancy

Even though this e-card represents the opposite of my plans for Lent, I think it’s funny:

That’s right. This year for Lent I am trying harder. For the next 40 days, I will dress better for work and put more effort into my appearance. Why?

  • I have all these nice clothes and shoes I never wear because my company is super-casual, so I feel like I should get some use out of those. Don’t want to be wasteful.
  • I worry that if I ever work anywhere less-casual (including our New York office), I will be horribly unprepared to choose appropriate clothes for work and then to wear them for a whole day.
  • I got a sweet deal on two pairs of Nine West heels at the outlets and I want to break them in before I need to wear them at length.
  • Compliments! I got three of them today. I like compliments. Moar please!
  • It’s fun to be fancy. Especially because when I’m looking fancy, I can use the word “fancy” more frequently, and “fancy” is one of my favorite words.

Look out, world. By Easter time, I might be fit to join the Fashion Club.


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