I’m overwhelmed

Or, I’m slightly more whelmed than usual.

Having two four-day weekends in a row was a bad choice. Granted, the only day I voluntarily took off was Friday the 18th, and granted, I was working through some of last weekend, but still.

I have been super busy at work, and I have been super busy after work. I should have skipped trivia this week, but my team should be grateful that I didn’t, as I was the only person who knew that Chuck Norris’s real name is Carlos.

Chuck Norris also sang the theme song for this show. Fun fact!

Between social engagements, grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, unpacking, and laundry, I have had zero time to myself since I returned. I have paid little attention to Nermal, who is sulking on the couch. I have had the same Netflix movie for over a week, which is about when I start stressing that I am not getting my $10-per-month worth. Tonight, I still have to fold two loads of laundry – after they’ve been through the dryer, of course – and then I have to get up early tomorrow to run 12 miles.

My mom will be visiting for the weekend, which should be fun. The good part about rushing to get all this stuff done now is that I won’t have to worry about it while she’s here. But tonight, all I want to do is watch Shopgirl and eat Dove chocolates and pet Nermal, but I only have about two more hours before I should be asleep. Life’s tough.

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