You’ve got (interoffice) mail

Many of my closest friends from this area work at the same company as I do. Sometimes, we use the interoffice mail system to send each other fun things we find. Today, I received this:

Damn right, I’m special! Thanks for realizing it, stuffed dog.

An adorable stuffed dog with a CD called “Electric Lotus,” with an “F” penciled in to make it look like it says “Electric Loftus.”

Half the fun of this game is never being sure who sent you the stuff. (Unless the person uses an envelope that has their name on it in the previous spot, like Nick did today. Thanks, Nick!) And it’s always amazing to see the kinds of crap we have hanging around in the building. For example:

I use a Mac. That’s why this book is irrelevant to me.

Sometimes, we send around things that have been sent to our departments by PR agencies looking to drum up attention for their products. Like this:

This book tells the story of a nun who does Ironman races. I actually kind of want to read it.

And sometimes, we send around things that are just plain awesome. Things that have no business being at a place of work, but they found their way into our building regardless. Things that cannot be lumped in with a general post about interoffice mail because they need a space of their own.

The most perfect article of clothing ever created

This denim cowboy jacket is one of those things. Stay tuned for a complete telling of this beauty’s story.


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