I am “meghgrace,” challenge me

Earlier this week, I learned that Words with Friends now exists for Android users.

I had been dreaming about that day ever since I got my phone back in May. I like my Droid Incredible, but the one thing I found most lacking was my inabilty to play Words with Friends. Now, I am most disappointed that I cannot take screenshots with it, so I cannot post images of my impressive Words with Friends wins.

I’ve won two games so far – trust me, even though I don’t have the screenshot. I technically lost two before they even began, as I accidentally forfeited because I didn’t understand how to play, but I’m not counting those. 2-0. A decent record.

This reminds me of my old glory days, beating all my friends at Scrabble in college, before the days of the smartphone. My proudest moment was when I got the 50-point bonus for using all my tiles (plus one that was already on the board) to spell the word “WIENERS.” I remember losing only once, when I allowed two of my guy friends to play the word “JIZZ” on a triple-word score space. I assured them that even though it was slang and it shouldn’t count, I could still beat them and their cheating ways. I didn’t, but I think it was close.

I haven’t played a real game of Scrabble in years. We’re just not board game people around here, unfortunately. But now, I can play it virtually every single day. I may never get any work done again.


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