Writing wisdom

I have been blogging here for just a few days, but I’m already encountering some issues.

I will sit at my computer, intending to whip up a pithy post on a topic of my choosing. One to two hours later, after much agonizing and re-reading, I finally hit “Publish.”

Why am I so slow? My posts thus far have not been short, but they’re not novel-length either. I suppose I am a perfectionist, and since this blog is for writing and for showing to people who might pay me to write, I take extra care to make sure everything sparkles.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve been enjoying this project. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I create a post that represents my writing skills well. I just haven’t had much time for mindless relaxation over the last week, and I miss it. Mindless relaxation won’t do anything for my career, though.

Bill Glavin, 1942-2010. I miss him.

I remember my favorite college professor – the late, great Bill Glavin – saying, “Bad writers think writing is easy. Good writers think writing is hard.” I guess my struggles with blogging just mean that I have some talent. (I hope so, anyway. It would be really unfortunate to be a bad writer who thinks writing is hard.)

Perhaps my speed will improve with practice. Perhaps I will miss watching episode after episode of The Golden Girls less once I get into the routine of posting. Or perhaps posting every weeknight is too lofty a goal. If I need to post less frequently in order to never write something I’d be ashamed to read out loud – another Glavinism – I will scale back my schedule.


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  1. You are far wiser in your restraint than I!

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