Blogging 101

The basic magazine editing class I took in college devoted a few sessions to the up-and-coming medium of blogs. An alum working as a web editor spoke to our class and guided us through the project. We each had to create a blog and maintain it for a couple weeks

When we were still in the planning stages, the alum told us that the best blogs are either extremely specific and focused on one topic, or they are extremely well-written. He came right out and said, “This second type of blog is really hard to pull off. Most people can’t do it.” We knew the professor had given him the task of grading this project, so we all created specific, focused blogs. Mine was about Target.

I like Target, but I stopped updating that blog the day I received my A-. I don’t find anything interesting enough to want to write about it several times a week for the rest of my life.

I love to write, and I don’t get to do it much at my current job. I like the idea of having a blog to showcase my ability to craft a coherent and grammatically correct post. I like the idea of hosting this blog on WordPress, a platform I’ve been meaning to learn how to use.

Until now, I had allowed the alum’s judgment of multi-topical blogs to scare me away from creating one. But he’s not going to be grading this. Here comes a blog about something bizarre I saw during a run, or a tacky Lifetime movie I just watched, or a great meal I just prepared. I promise, it will at least be more entertaining than an infinite number of posts about Target.

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